English Part (Poem) #1

Like a great experience, if i can make a good poem. Especially, Engish poem. Ussually, i just made poem with bahasa, not English. But, Tuesday, on Monday, 20th May 2013. My school English teacher asked me for making English poem. This is first experience, when someone even my English teacher asked me for making English poem for him. I made it about 30 minutes. Firstly, he can’t believe This poem is made by me. Ha-ha-ha.. he said, “I’m proud of you. Thank you so much for your poem. Your English getting better.”

Okayy.. Nextt.. I’ll show my first English poem. Hm.. I think is not really good, but.. Yeah, quite good. Enjoy read!

Tittle : Who am I without you?

Made by : Wafa Nur Izzah

My self now its because your golden knowledge from the past

My life now its because your diamond skill at the time

Sir.. Miss..

Ussually i called you like that

Thank You for all..

Without you, who am i? Am i importent in a public now?

All of things that you ever gave for me

Is being importent thing, even.. Very very importent for anyone in the world..

When i am considering something that made me confuse..

You always gave me a beautiful suggestions..

So that made me have a more good spirit..

Oh Sir.. Miss..

I can’t say anything of your love

I can’t reply anything of your kindness

Once more! I just can say.. “Thank You very much..” ❤


This one is one of example from English poem. I hope, some people who read this articel can understand. How much importent a teacher for us.. I love them so much..


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